Why Learning by Doing Works Better Than Learning Through Lectures?

As trainers in a learning process, one must be able to imagine what it feels like to be a participant in the training. What would the participants feel during the training? Would they be able to gain meaningful insights from the training that you have given them? These are just some of the questions that trainers must figure out the answer to prior to the training.

At this stage, trainers should be able to figure out how their participants will absorb the materials that they give. Finding the best learning method to be used in the training is one of the most important things that must be determined. Would your participants like it if you just stand up in front of the room and give them a lecture for hours on end? For most participants, sitting in a class listening to a lecture for hours is not the most enjoyable way to absorb new knowledge and information.

One of the best ways for you to impart the knowledge and materials that you possess to your participants is by getting them to learn, practicing and doing various experiments by themselves.

The reality is, learning by doing often produces better results than textbook-based learning. When participants are trying to solve problems that they encounter during the learning process, it would be better when they face with those problems directly, in order to gain a well-rounded perspective on the matter. During the question and answer period in the training, participants will also be able to gain valuable support from the trainers.

Then, how should trainers apply the learning-by-doing method?

  1. Project Method

This method is very likely to be applied, because this method is one way to provide learning experiences by exposing participants to everyday ways which can be solved in groups. In its implementation, the project method positions the trainer as a facilitator who must provide tools and materials to create "projects" that are oriented to the needs and interests of participants and challenge participants to devote all their abilities, help and creativity. One of the examples that can be done is to do a build-a-house project, in which trainers let the participants build a house from materials that they have prepared. Every material has its own price and purpose. this can help to teach efficiency in a teamwork.

  1. Trial Method

This method also includes those who use learning by doing, because the experimental method is a way to train, and participants together do exercises or experiments to study the relationship or the results of an action. One example, is to train someone to operate a new mobile application. Let your participants try, make mistakes and find their own correct way.

  1. Method of Tourism

A method that takes participants directly to objects that are outside the class or in the real environment, so that they can be accessed or transferred directly. It is important to acknowledge that these processes will be possible through appropriate, careful, systematic and structured planning, which will produce the best results and will encourage participants to continue to be enthusiastic, creative and full of initiatives when doing the work that is necessary during the process. One of the examples is to do a visit to a company to understand its health system and work safety practice.

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