Finding The Best Learning Methods

Just like putting a nail to the wall; it can be done with a hammer, a wrench or even with your bare hands. The method that you use will depend on how deep you want to put the nail through the wall. 

Same thing happens when you are conducting a training program. As a trainer, you will need to choose the best methods to create the right training session. And to do so, you have to understand the learning objectives that is wanted to be achieved since the very beginning, whether it is the knowledge, the attitude or the skills.

When the objectives have been set, it will be easier for you to find which learning method suits and works better for you to share the knowledge. Therefore, you will be able to meet the aim of your training program. It will also maximize trainees’ learning potentials and enable them to succeed and achieve the goals that were set in the beginning of the learning process.

Conducting and participating in a training program may not always be easy for everyone, but it will educate trainees or participants in a systematic way for all the things that they need and still don’t know. Of course, when they are learning with the best methods, they will only keep progressing and improve themselves over time.

Before you make a choice, you need to determine the learning methods first, in order to align with the learning objectives. For instance, if the objective is to gain the knowledge, you can easily do it by giving a speech or a presentation, or you can just simply give the participants a tutorial video to watch. But, if the objective is to gain the skill instead, then there should be a practice applied in the training session.

Another example, if you are looking for ways to cook a meal, you can just read and learn the recipe from the videos on the internet without attending a cooking class. But if you are looking for ways to be a chef, know the theories about foods and the ingredients and cook in the right and proper way, you have to learn it in a practical way and go to a culinary school.

Same thing goes to fly an airplane. If the learning objective here is only to know and detail the steps of flying an airplane, it can just be done by reading the manual book or watching movies about it. But if you want to be a pilot and master it, you certainly need to attend a fly simulation or furthermore, you need to get properly educated in a flight training school.

Therefore, it is very important for trainers to understand the learning objective and know what kind of learning method that is suitable for that. Here are some examples of learning method which can be done in groups, that have the most efficient way to gain their knowledge, skills and attitude.

However, based on FLIP’s experience, there are five most common pitfalls when preparing for an evaluation:

  1. Games

One of the methods to boost participant’s skills is by having games. This one is the method that includes a competition and teamwork. They will be actively involved in the fun and challenges of the situation and they can learn by the experience it gave them.

  1. Role Play

By doing a role play, participants will be more active, feel challenged and directly get feedback from one another that can build up their attitude.

  1. Speech/Presentation

The participants will gain their knowledge by listening and focus to what you are presenting to them in the training session. By that, they can master things in theory with new insights and different point of views.

So, in training process, you should first figure out which learning method that suits the objectives best, as by doing so, the training will have the higher chance of success. To learn more about training and how training principles can also be implied in your everyday lives, head on to!



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