A Glimpse of Bloom’s Taxonomy: Helping You Determine the Learning Objective

Back in the school days, have you ever got so bored when your friends are presenting in front of the class? Maybe it wasn’t because of their material, but rather, it was you who didn’t get what their objectives were. Simply put, you could not figure out what they were trying to achieve through their presentation materials.


Elements to Achieve The Learning Objectives

If you are someone who enjoys hiking along the tracks in a forest, mountains, or beaches, you may find the track that you are on are clearly-marked pathways, which will headed to the end point that you would like to reach. These marked pathways are certainly there for a reason; not only will you be directed to the spots...


Why It Is Important To Set A Learning Objective?

Imagine you are a sailor and have your sailcloth ready, but you still don’t know where to go. Yet you decide to go, but sail here and there because you have no direction. Such a waste, isn’t it?  Same with learning process, without learning objectives, you must be puzzled about what you are going to achieve at the end of your learning.