Finding The Best Learning Methods

Just like putting a nail to the wall; it can be done with a hammer, a wrench or even with your bare hands. The method that you use will depend on how deep you want to put the nail through the wall. 


The Hints for Choosing Learning Methods and Media

Remember the last time you went traveling for vacation? Maybe the first thing you did was picking a destination. Then you would find the best way to get to that place, whether it’s by plane, bus, or driving.


Factors to be Considered in Conducting Training

Imagine going to a ball wearing a t-shirt or having fun at the beach in a tuxedo or dress. You could also try to see yourself eating steak with chopsticks and drinking hot coffee with a straw. Would these be enjoyable?


How To Properly Design An Evaluation Process

Something that not a lot of people may be aware of, is that on average, companies spend more than $700 on employee trainings per employee, every year. That’s a lot of money, right?  


Common Pitfalls When Preparing Evaluations

One of the most common struggles which happens when you are playing in a sports team, is to properly execute the strategy that the coach has drawn up. Even when you have tried to put your best efforts in, it’s not uncommon for your team to still lose the game. Surely it’s frustrating, but losing and making mistakes is a way for you to learn and avoid making the same mistakes.


Why Learning by Doing Works Better Than Learning Through Lectures?

As trainers in a learning process, one must be able to imagine what it feels like to be a participant in the training. What would the participants feel during the training? Would they be able to gain meaningful insights from the training that you have given them? These are just some of the questions that trainers must figure out the answer to prior to the training.