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Through comprehensive analysis, customized learning design & development, deliver in fun and meaningful way that leads to performance.

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Your learning partner who believe the real impact of learning comes from passion, effective strategy,
and right measurement.

An effective learning should involve these 3 aspects.
We design our programs by combining all of them.

Brain Based Learning

Understand the principles and applications of how the human brain works to optimize learning.

Human Behavior Modification

Understand human behavior modification process to learning principles.

Cultural Understanding

Understand the role and application of contextual environment in learning process to help optimizing the learning outcomes

Our Services

Trainer's Akademos

A development program for organizations or persons who want to grow others through a learning process...

Module Development

This product will help organization to produce a teaching module for trainer with a specific learning material needed...


We help organization to overcome the human capital issues in organization, from conflict resolution, building cohesiveness...

Custom Training

Didn’t find any program that suits your organization/company needs? FLIP able to design a special program...

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Insights for You

Finding The Best Learning Methods

Just like putting a nail to the wall; it can be done with a hammer, a wrench or even with your bare hands. The method that you use will depend on how deep you want to put the nail through the wall. 

The Hints for Choosing Learning Methods and Media

Remember the last time you went traveling for vacation? Maybe the first thing you did was picking a destination. Then you would find the best way to get to that place, whether it’s by plane, bus, or driving.

Factors to be Considered in Conducting Training

Imagine going to a ball wearing a t-shirt or having fun at the beach in a tuxedo or dress. You could also try to see yourself eating steak with chopsticks and drinking hot coffee with a straw. Would these be enjoyable?